The dishes



The Montepulciano Winery

In an enviable historical context, within the city walls, we find "La Vineria di Montepulciano", a place and a cuisine that synthesizes tradition and modernity, in a friendly atmosphere for all those who want to immerse themselves in the truest Tuscany, sipping some good wine and delighting the palate with typical dishes.

The "mood" of the restaurant is not at all conventional, you will find yourself in a modern, youthful environment that reflects that warm climate of the traditional Osteria - Vineria. The classic standard furnishings have been replaced by wall shelves and high-seated tables, background music to encourage dialogue in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

The Vasocottura

Our kitchen uses a technique in which the word resounds innovation: the vasocottura. It is a method that has ancient origins, a healthy cooking technique, where flavors and aromas remain unchanged; a system that we have adopted, optimizing it in a modern way, to allow you an unparalleled culinary experience.

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